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    Multiple orderby criterias

    Kent Kadim



      I am having a problem in setting up querybuilder with multiple sort criterias.

      Currently I use something like this:


      map.put("1_property", "jcr:content/sling:resourceType");

      map.put("1_property.value", "mediacorp/components/page_blog");


      map.put("1_orderby.", "@jcr:content/blog_article/date");        

      map.put("1_orderby.sort", "desc");


      map.put("2_orderby", "@jcr:created");

      map.put("2_orderby.sort", "desc");


      But the result is not what it's supposed to be, with the data sorted by criteria 1 first, and the same date on criteria 1 sorted again on criteria 2.


      Could anyone help?