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    How to make a painting

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to make a painting with Photoshop Touch

      Experiment with different painting styles. Use a variety of brush stroke effects to create different looks.


      1. After selecting the "Make a Painting" tutorial, press "Begin Tutorial" to start. Tap Adjustments > Saturation.




      2. Set the value to 100% to intensify the colors. Tap OK.




      3. Tap Add Layer > Duplicate Layer. You'll create the painting on this layer.




      4. Tap Effects > Artistic > Acrylic Paint




      5. Enter these values: Jitter= 85%, Size= 20%, Length= 0%, Tap OK. This creates a pointillist effect.




      6. Tap the target on this layer to hide it. Tap the bottom layer.




      7. Tap Effects > Artistic > Acrylic Paint




      8. For an abstract brush effect, enter these values: Jitter= 100%, Size= 30%, Length=138%. Tap OK.

      Tip: To enter the percentage by number instead of using the slider, tap the value field to open the keyboard editor.




      9. Tap the target on the top layer to unhide it and decide which effect you like best.

      Tip: To delete an unwanted layer, choose the layer in the layers panel. Tap Layer options > Delete layer to remove the layer.




      10. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project.




      Download the attachment to view the tutorial in PDF format.