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    Colored Pencil Sketch

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to create a colored pencil sketch with Photoshop Touch

      Turn your color photograph into a crosshatched pencil sketch in a few easy steps.


      1. After selecting the "Make a pencil sketch" tutorial, press "Begin Tutorial" to start. Duplicate the first layer image by pressing the plus icon. Then select "Duplicate layer".




      2. Tap Effects > Artistic > Pencil




      3. Set the threshold to 30%. Tap OK.




      4. Tap the Layer icon. Select the arrow for the Blend Mode.




      5. Set Blend Mode to Overlay. Tap the image to dismiss dialog box.




      6. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project.




      Download the attachment to view this tutorial in PDF format.