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    Spinning Globe Adobe Captivate 6

    vikojh Level 1

      Hi need to do the following in Adobe Captivate 6 (I was told this forum is the right place to ask for help):


      1) Show a slow-rotating globe move into the screen with pin lights popping up all over the different continents to show we have subscribers all over the world.

      2) Stop the globe on mostly North America and fade it to a watermark in the background.  Show a split screen with a cartoon man in a suit at a computer and a clock on the wall in each screen. One man is on www.facebook.com, the other is starting at a blank document.


      Show the www.facebook.com man click a couple times through the site and download a document. At the same time, show the other man typing out a lot of text on his document. Meanwhile the clock is moving a couple hours. The facebook.com man edits his document, prints it out, and leaves his office. The other man starts to look frustrated and tired as the clock moves forward a couple more hours and he’s still working on the same document.

      Time the animation so that it ends when the last sentence of this part of the script ends.


      Can someone help me create this?