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    how to create spark skins using fxg vector graphics&how to switch b/w spark skins at runtime/via XML



      I want to create a number of Spark Skins using some vector images that I have with me. I can obtain the vector images in FXG format-- but what I am looking for is some way to quickly create multiple skins for various UI elements like buttons, menus, radio button, checkboxes, etc -- not by converting the fxg->mxml but by using fxg files directly (after including them in the skins project in Flash Builder 4.6). Since I want to create many such skins (atleast 8-10) what is the fastest way of accomplishing this?

      Also, once I create multiple Spark Skins, how do I switch from one skin to another, in a running app? -- something like a template switcher, where the user viewing the flex app chooses a color, and the spark skin is immediately changed to the skin of that color (I would have already created the skin...). And can I store this skin template value in an XML? So that the end user can simply change this param in XML to change the design of the flex app?