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    CMS Questions


      I'm makimg a rather basic site for a friend. He does a podcast every Thursday and wants to be able to upload the video to the website without having to contact me or bother me once a week to add his video (I don't mind it, he just wants to do it himself). I've never really worked with changing and updating content once a week so I'm curious as to whether or not a CMS such as Joomla would do this for him.


      If so, how would I account for the extra content in the container on the HTML/CSS side of things? Is there any special coding I need to implement to make a div expand with the extra content put in there?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Joomla would work, but I wouldn't really recommend it for beginners.  I found that the toughest of all CMS' to learn personally because everything revolves around menus and when I say everything I mean everything. From page aliases to some features, if your pages are not manually added to menus they may not work as expected.  For a site like your friend wants I would probably take a look at Wordpress first.


          And to clarify your one question, the container should never be made into a specific size if it is meant to expand. If some posts could be longer and others shorter, the primary content container should not have a height defined. If this idea sounds foreign to you and you have some example templates/sites you have made, show them and we can use them as examples.

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            Web Magi Level 4

            You might consider Perch: http://grabaperch.com/

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't think you really need a CMS for this.


              If your server supports PHP, your friend could upload podcasts to a directory on the server.  The PHP script would read & write directory contents to the web page.  I do this quite often with images so clients can update galleries themselves.




              Nancy O.

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                cmspro Level 1

                I think that is exactly what Konductor CMS is for - simple updates.