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    This node already exists: /content/geometrixx/en

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      While I try to login from the geometrix site login page,  Im getting the below exception.We have our own authentication handler and we tried to apply that to geometrixx site, and we restricted the /content/geometrixx/en ,so now all the pages under en will be restricted now.So, If I try to access /content/geometrixx/en.html , I will be redirected to login.html, so that I need to give my credentials there and login.We are using closed user group to implement the authhandler.But when I give the credentials it is giving the node already exixts exception. May I know what does "node already exists" mean.










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          rush_pawan Level 4

          First of all its 500 so plz check the error.log if you are getting any exception.



          Are you submitting the form using method "POST" to custom servlet? if yes, then when you submit then better try to submit form request using method "POST" to current page (POST selector) and then proceed from there else use "GET" to submit to custom servlet ("SlingAllMethodsServlet)"