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    animation and video

    kompoti Level 1


      i have two questions. 1) i have made an animation at edge and now i want to add the classic bar that all videos have (the one that starts when the animation begins and moves accross it, until the animation stops, i want to give to ones that will show my animation the apportunity to stop it at any time they want and then play it back again) is this possible?

      2) when i am at edge making my animation and then press prevew at a browser, my animation appears with two side bars one left of it and the other underneath it, this two bars appears only when i am trying to see how my animation looks like at a browser (at any browser i have tried explorer 9, chrome, opera, mozzila), when i check how it works at edge this bars are disapeared.any ideas how i can fix it?

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi kompoti,


          Question 1: yes this is doable. You will need to create a setInterval, and then at each tick, check your animation's progress.


          You can get your symbol's current timeline position using:



          You can get your symbol's timeline length using:



          Divide the duration by the position and you have your symbol's progress percentage. You can then use that percentage to position your scrubber at a percentage along it's track.


          Question 2: if you post a screenshot of the bars, it will be easier for one of the forum members to help out with your issue.


          Good luck!

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            kompoti Level 1

            thanks for the answer. But English is not my native languadge and i didn't understant very well what you said. Is there an example of how this can be done? at adobe tv perhaps?


            as far as the bars are concerned i included this picture EXAMPLE.png


            at this picture my animation is at its end and those two bars left and bottom wasn't created at edge. They appeared when i prevew at a browser my animation , they weren't at edge and i didn't created them.

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              TimJaramillo Level 4

              Hi kompoti,


              Those scrollbars are the result of your overflow settings in Edge. In the properties panel at top left, make sure Stage/Overflow is set to "hidden".overflow.png