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    Lack of consistency between folders in Elements 11 Organizer and Finder (mac). Why?


      I use Elements 11 Organizer and Photoshop Elements Editor on a mac (OS X 10.8.2).


      I experience problems after I made some changes in the Image-folder on the mac and after moving/deleting folders directly in Elements Organizer. Now there are noe consistency between folders/files visible in Finder/Pictures and in My Folders in Elements Organizer.


      One example: Directly in Finder, I created a new folder and moved pictures from two folders which I then deleted. In Elements Organizer, I still see the old structure (no new folder - still the deleted folders included the picture files).


      I also experience folders in Elements Organizer that should not exist. When I right click on the folder, the options "Reveal in Finder", "Rename Folder" and "Delete folder" are greyed out and not clickable.


      I have tried to refresh Elements Organizer, close it and restart the mac - nothing helps.


      Can anyone please help me?