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    CFM files downloading instead of processing

    tSpark Level 1

      I have an IIS7 Windows 2008 server that was running ColdFusion 9 Standard just fine.  We're trying to update it to ColdFusion 10 Standard.  However, despite multiple re-installs, CFM files always download instead of serving properly.  Here are the things I have confirmed.


      • All the necessary IIS services/features are installed per the Adobe documentation
      • The ISAPI filter and handler mappings are getting added in IIS and pointing to the correct CF10 filter.
      • We have run the Connector program, removed CF and re-added CF to the sites, with no change in behavior.


      If we remove CF10 from the site, and then run the CF9 connector and connect CF9 it works great.  As soon as we switch to CF10, though, it just will not execute CFM files.


      One other odd thing... I noticed that the MIME type of cfm file when downloaded in /msdownload.  Even if we manually enter a text/html MIME type for cfm files (which shouldn't be necessary) it still comes down as /msdownload.


      My theory on this is that some process is intercepting the request before it gets to ColdFusion/Tomcat.  Not sure why it happens with CF10 but not with CF9.


      Thanks for any advice you may have.