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    Problem with Japanese fonts

    jpwrunyan Level 1
      I have a big problem. We are using system fonts (not embedded) for our web application. The menus are all in Japanese. There are also buttons that open a new browser window in order to display images (like .tiff), open HTML help docs, etc. The problem is, when a new browser window is opened, the characters on the original screen in the Flex application change size (until rolled over for buttons, etc that reformat on such events) or become squares indicating that there is no glyph information for that character (especially the double-byte circle character ○).

      The exact result depends upon the browser and the OS used. Especially bad are MS Explorer and Win 2000. Firefox seems the most robust on XP. However, the intranet we are designing for is only Win 2000 MSE.

      Using embedded fonts takes care of the problem. However, the file size is an issue as well as the fact that bold and italic are barely distinguishable from normal when rendered as an embedded font.

      If anyone has ANY idea what is causing this or where the problem lies, please let me know.