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    Opening CS5 comps in CS6 causes strange layer behavior


      Hi Guys,


      Yesterday I went to a CS6 workspace and installed After Effects.

      I just imported a CS5 comp into After Effects CS6, it looked like everthing worked fine. After working a while I saw some really strange layer bugs happening. Layers pop off randomly in the composition viewer.


      In some layers the Set Matte effect causes to blank the layer randomly. It flips the alpha from inverts the alpha randomly. the strange thing is that i needed to re-apply the effect and adjust the same settings, after that it worked fine.

      Also when working with masks applied, the alpha changes randomly. I had it while using 3D stroke, the alpha of the stroke pops back and forth. I used Ease and wizz for the curve of the mask of the stroke. When i deactivated the script of the mask the problem went away. But it doesn't make any sense!?


      Are there more people issuing the same problem as i have? Or is there anybody that can help me prevent it?


      Thank you very much in advance.