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    CS3 Language Keyboard Input Error


      Greetings All,


      I have been trouble-shooting this problem for a while, but still it is not resolved. Any help or ideas would be gladly received!


      Background: We have a correctly functioning installation of Win XP, and PS CS3 Extended which appears to work normally in every other regard. No obvious errors; no crashes, no start-up complaints; nothing seemingly out of order. I use several installed languages in Windows (EngUK, Russian, Swedish, etc). All of these work normally. All of my installed fonts work correctly in every application on the system except for CS3.


      There would appear to be something wrong with CS3's keyboard mapping in foreign languages. When typing with a non-English keyboard setting (any other language) and using TrueType fonts (not Open), only 'missing character' boxes appear in the artwork. The Layers menu displays the typed text correctly, but this will not appear in the artwork. If I use an old install of PS7, I can type using these same fonts correctly in any language. These layers can be imported into CS3, and these WILL display correctly on the artwork. However, the Layers menu in this case displays nonsensical characters. Ergo, I suspect that CS3's keyboard input data is errant.


      Where does PS3 keep its information regarding language / keyboard layout? It is possible to edit this file(s)? Are there any other ideas regarding this problem and what might be wrong?