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    Opening eyes and closing lips in photos

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I have a number of images that I want to use for 3D texturing, but to use them, I need to do a few things:


      1)  open the eyes wider (whenever the subject is squinting);

      2) Flatten the lips into a neutral position if smiling or frowning

      3) Close the lips so teeth are not showing at all if the subject had mouth open (talking or smiling)


      Any advice on best ways to do this in After Effects. 


      I've exerimented a little.  Trying to figure out if Effects like Bulge or Mesh Warm or others will let me accomplish what I need.


      I'd like to keep things as 'photorealistic' as possible, though doesn't really have to be perfect - just don't want jagged edges or cartoony appearance.


      Thanks for any recommendations.