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    Premiere Pro CS5 sudddenly runs very slowly. Not just in playback. Need advice

    BrianSiano2 Level 1

      I'm editing a project where three HD cameras captured a play simktaneously. So my timeline has three video streams, and I cut between them. PLayback is a bit shoppy, but until a day or so ago, not terribly so.


      Thing is, now my machine seems to chug even when I'm making changes on the timeline. I after a clip on the timeline, and suddenly I get that littleblue disk-access circle, and after about ten seconds the timeline changes to reflect my work.


      I have no idea what could be causing this. I've shut down just about every extraneous background appplication. I've even tried creating a duplicate project of the last third of the play, so I'm working with fewer files, but that didn't help. My machine has 16 gig of ram, runs am AND Phenon II quad-core processor, and I'm using an NVIDIA GeForce 670 which has a LOT of CUDA cores. So this suddenly slowdown is a real mystery to me.