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    Nivo Slider link issue


      I tried to implement a Nivo Slider inside my BC site following a nice tutorial by Wil Helser




      The idea is to create a Web App with 3 fields: Image, Caption and URL which displays pictures with captions inside the slider.


      Easy to do but for one small detail.

      I want the slider's pictures to be clickable.


      But I do not have any specific URL because the pages (with the picture) are created by another Web App.


      I tried the URL address of the page 'after' it is created (for ex. after a web app search) but I get a 404 page not found.


      I wonder if some kind of module tag could solve the problem…

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          MikeConnolly Level 2

          Could you use a Data Source field on your Slider web app, to look up the page from the other Web App?


          The tag for page field returned to your detail on your slider web app, should show a hyperlink to the page Web App.

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            ykdartes Level 1

            Hi Mike, sorry for my very very looong disappearance (I'm moving back to Europe so I'm quite busy organizing everything)...


            Anyway. It might be interesting what you're saying but could you elaborate it a bit because I'm not getting it?


            thanks for your patience



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              MikeConnolly Level 2

              Hi Dario,


              No worries, I'll try and elaborate a bit more.


              I'm assumingyour pages URLs are the item URL from your Pages web app.


              e.g. if your Pages web app has a path set to be "mypages" then an page URL would be something like "/mypages/page-1"


              Make the URL field on your Slider app a datasource which looks up it's value from the "Pages" web app.


              On your Slider list item layout, the URL field will contain a hyperlink to the Pages web app.

              Tag for {tag_slider url} outputs something like: <a href="/mypages/page-1">Page 1</a>


              Little bit of jQuery JS tweaking is needed to extract the URL from the page link.


              So the list view of slider could be done as follows:


              <span id="pageurl-{tag_counter}">{tag_slider url}</span>


              <a id="slider-item-{tag_counter}" href=""><img src="{tag_slider image_value}?Action=thumbnail&Width=630&Height=235&algorithm=fill_proportional" title="{tag_slider caption}" /></a>



              // Get URL of page item

              strPageURL = $("#pageurl-{tag_counter} a").attr("href");


              // Put Page URL onto slider item






              Hope this makes sense,





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                ykdartes Level 1

                Thank you Mike.


                Do you mind if I will get back to you a little (hopefully) later?


                I'm moving back to Europe and now I have a very bad internet connection (probably I should rather say: I  have no internet conncetion).


                Besides, all my energy now is going into the relocation...


                take care