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    Need a Javascript code for entering 8 digits with a dash


      I have created a form at work that requires the end-user to enter an account number with eight digits.  The form requires a dash between the eight digits for easy readability.  I used an arbitrary mask (9999-9999) and it works fine when the end-user types in the account number.  My problem is we have 3 applications at work that contain the account number without dashes.  I would like the processors to copy and paste the 8 digit account number from the application into the form to ensure accuracy. Two of the three applications will put the dash in automatically when the account number is copy and pasted but one application will not work at all and an error message appears.  Does anyone know a javascript code that will solve my problem.  I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.


      I have search and used google and found a few posted with similar scenarios but they do not match my problem.  When I try to alter the coding used in these posts, it does not work.  I would be grateful for any help.