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    Extending DAM search


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to add custom tags in the search window allowing the author to search for assets using the tags. I'm following the guide:



      Then I override the node /facets/tagoptions to add my tags, everything ok so far. It displays my tags in the search window. The problem comes next, when the author input a name of asset or select a tag and press "Search" CQ returns nothing. Am I missing something?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Shoud work. It is going to be AND condition. Make sure the entered assets name has tagged to tag you have selected.

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            rudy.carranza Level 1

            I think I've found the possible cause of my problems, when a tag is added to an asset it's added with the format "root:parent/tagId" but that's not the case with the tags under default because these are added with the format "parent/tagId" and should be something like this: "default:parent/tagId" therefore when the search tries to find the assets it looks for "default:parent/tagId" and finds 0 results that fit my query.