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    PSD 13.0.1 launch errors

    David Licht

      I have used PSD since version 1 and lots have changed, except that there is always a new version around the bend.

      I just installed PSD 13 and updated it to 13.0.1. on my MacPro 3,1 with 16GB and 4TB.   Along the way I received launch errors :

      MMX cannot be loaded

      Color settings cannot be synched

      Multiple Processor can't work with this version of Photoshop

      I also received errors when I tried to creat a 3D layer from a shape or text layer or open a readable .obj file as a 3D layer.

      I updated the nVidia GeForce 8800 GT with the new driver 304.00.05f02 posted 10/2/2012.

      The first few times restarting with the new drivers, there was no changes.  Finally I was able to use the 3D portion of PSD 13.

      Even though I was able to use the 3D, I still got the error warning on launch of PSD 'that the multiple processors weren't compatible with this version of Photoshop.' 


      The Adobe Help site<http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-cs6-gpu-faq.html> says that my GPU will work with PSD 13.

      I am also confused by the technospeak of open_gl and open_cl.  Some places refor to the GeForce 8800GT as having both and some dont refer to those terms.  I wish things were consistant.  If it was found to work with PSD 13 as stated in the above reference are GL & CL active in the card I have?


      So why are there so many issues.  I never have had any and now I am wondering whether to go back to PSD 12 to avoid the hassles.


      Please give some answers if you know so I can be confident using PSD again.