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    Problems with CS6 PPro dlink AE


      Computer: MacBook Pro Retina, i7 2.6ghz, 16gb ram, 256gb HDD

      Software: Adobe CS6 (V6.0.2) Master Collection via Creative Cloud Subscription

      Graphics: NVidia Geforece GT 650M 1GB

      Cuda Driver: V5.0


      Ok I'm having some weird issues with dynamic linking from CS6 PPro to CS6 AE;

      1) AE when dynamically linked runs in CUDA V4.0 renders by CPU but when openned directly runs in CUDA V5.0 renders by GPU

      2) AE dymanic link is causing tearing in XDCAM files which was patched in CS6 6.0.2 which I'm running. The screen tearing is actually exported


      How do I solve this?