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    How to transform a layer object and a path at the same time?

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I know I am going to kick myself when you tell me the answer to this!


      I would really like to know if there is any way I can manage to to transform both a layer object and a path at the same time....or if there is any workaround to achieve this.


      In a nutshell, say for example I spend a VERY long time creating an intricate path around a very detailed object, and then at the very end notice just how crooked and out of perspective it is, and would like to straighten it.

      Of course I could transform and correct the object, and then carefully transform the path - but it just won't be exact, and I will have to spend a long time adjusting the path and making SURE it is perfect.


      Isn't there any way I could get to transform them together?


      Usually of course I do all the correction to straighten and correct perspective beforehand, but in some instances after I am done creating the path I then notice that the image could have used further adjustments.


      I appreciate so very much any advice you may have:)


      Thank you kindly,