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    Footnote Formatting not fully applied after text import

    bustamant Level 1



      After importing a .doc file (including footnotes) into an InDesign CS 5 document with Footnote Options already set, the imported footnotes appear with the correct styles assigned, but only partly applied, meaning, the actual appearance differs, indicated also by a + sign next to the paragraph style name in the paragraph styles palette when setting the type tool into one of the actual footnotes.

      The deviations seem inconsistent; lately, it's been very large tab stops. They disappear exclusively after option click on the paragraph style field in the palette. They do not disappear by clearing overrides in general.

      Since on top of that, fully applying the style needs to be done to each footnote individually, in a document with a few hundred footnotes InDesign's footnote function seems  unusable. Would anybody know how to work around or avoid this problem?