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    Slow down issue when editing in Presenter 8

    NWNITT49 Level 1

      One of our Presenter users just new to Presenter 8 (Until recently used Presenter 6 with no issues), imported a mp3 file into the first slide of a PowerPoint presentation. Here is the description of the editing issue:

      The issue is that when we are editing the audio in presenter 8, there is significant gaps in the time it takes. The system seems to be “thinking” after we make the changes and then go back and look at them. Like there is something running in the background. It is on every slide and after every edit. So you remove a 1 sec “um” and the system has to think before can move on to next edit. This adds up to significant production time increase. I would say 4x production time increase.


      This is too significant of a performance issue to justify moving to Presenter 8 if not addressed.