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    Script Error when updating Flash Player


      I have exhausted the online documentation. This started several months ago. The way that Flash Player updated on my machine changed. I am running XP using IE8. Everytime I try to update Flash Player I get a script error right about the time that the download completes and it is starting to install. The actual script error varies from one attempt to another. The latest error is 'ActionLaunchAdobe' is undefined. Scripting is enabled per the help documents. I have never had to uninstall a previous version before and I'm hesitant to do it now because my current version is 11.4.402.287 and it works. My concern is that if I can't update to new versions eventually there may be problems. I have not made configuration changes to this computer or installed new software for quite a while. The Flash Player update mechanism used to never open a browser window but since I have had this problem that's the first thing it does and takes me to the Flash Player update site. Then the never ending fun begins always ending with a script error and failed install. PLEASE HELP!