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    Premiere Pro CS6 and h.264, something is wrong?


      Hi there,


      I've had huge problems with h.264 and adobe premiere pro. Basically I record footage using the Logitech C920 webcam, which converts on the fly to h.264. The problem I am having is when I transfer this over to adobe premiere pro, there seems to be a progressive desync in the sound and my mouth movement. Putting it simply...at the start of the video it is in sync, at the end of the video (if it is about 40mins long) it is about 5 seconds off.


      Now, i'm aware it sounds like some sort of frames per second problem. However both the audio and video track show as the same in adobe premiere pro. Also, when playing the recording through windows media player, it is all in sync throughout the video.


      This leads me to beleive that the way adobe premiere reads the file as it copies it over is somehow not quite right?


      I do not understand how it can be in sync throughout in windows media player, but when put into adobe premiere pro there is progressive sound desync.


      Please assist if you can.


      Many thanks.