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    Got another form equation I need...


      If you all couldn't tell, my Java ability is basic... at best.


      Now, I'm sure you're all going to be 'This is so simple! What an idiot!', but I can't seem to get it to work properly.


      I need an equation for my form so that one field will display a value when a value is inserted into another field. Something like:


      If LEVEL = X then XP = Y.


      And I need it so that it goes up to 30. i.e LEVEL = 1 then XP = 1,000, LEVEL = 2 then XP = 2,250, etc., etc.


      I also need an equation so that when a certain field reaches a certain value, another field changes its value.


      If XPUP = or > A then LEVEL = B


      And, again, I need it to go to 30. i.e. If XPUP = or > 1000 then LEVEL = 2, If XPUP = or > 2250 then LEVEL = 3, etc., etc.


      (If you couldn't tell or are curious why, I'm trying to get an Interactive character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons that automatically determines your level and how much XP is needed for the next level based on your XP value.)


      Thanks for all your help guys!