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    Stop front end editing of web apps from creating duplicates


      Welcome to my issue of the month haha.. Can't wait to be the person solving them for other partners for once.


      Anyway! The issue that we're coming up with today is when a customer edits a web app they've submitted previously, instead of editing it, it is creating a duplicate web app and I'm certain this wasn't happening yesterday.


      In the edit template we have placed a copy of the "submit a web app form" and this had seemed to be working fine until now.


      The only change I can think of is that I've used javascript to auto generate the ItemName, we have hidden the ItemName so it can't be changed accidently though.


      I have tried:


      • With and without the ItemName automater javascript.
      • Removing everything and replacing the form on a blank page.


      Are we using the wrong form? Any ideas or solutions?