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    How to do this

      I am new to fireworks and have a question about something. I am trying to build a layout. On this layout is a Menu Bar on the top of the page with 5 items (mb1, mb2, etc). On the left of my page is a box that I call (box 1). To the right of that is another area (box2). Now here is where I am confused. If I mouse over mb1, I want a new image? with menu items to appear in box1. When someone clicks on an item in box1 it loads information in box2. I tried to set it up with frames so that when a user clicks on mb1, frame1 loads in box1 (sorry if this doesn't make sense). If mb2 is mouseovered, it loads frame2 in box1 and those items when click open data in box2. Here is where I am stuck, if I set up a hotspot using frame one data it will load ok, but that hotspot remains no matter what is in box1. How can I get it so I can have different things in box1 that load different things in box2?

      Any help or links to a tutorial on this would be appreciated.