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    Full-screen  Flash video problems using flash player

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      I have a Flash interface which plays flash videos. I have linked the video files as external f4v files using the import wizard and have chosen a skin which has a full screen button.


      There is a menu page where you click on the selection you want and it takes you to a page with the video on it. Once you have played the video you can click a back button to go back to the menu screen and choose another video. It is a single Flash file with a separate "page" (keyframe section with framelabel) for each video (no scenes).


      We want to play this project in the Flash Player - or we could make a projector out of it if that helps.


      If you just play the video at its current size then there is not problem, you can go back to the menu and everything works fine. However, if you make the video full-screen, then make it normal size again, when you click the back button the video goes with you to the menu. It's not over the top of everything. You can still see the menu buttons but the video hangs around and never goes away even when you go to another screen and play a video there. You can end up with more that one video playing at once.


      I have tried to use myVideo.fullScreenTakeOver = false;

      If I use it in the back button is seems to have no effect - I guess it is too late there.

      If I use it in the frame, then click the full-screen button on the video skin, it stops the video from going full-screen but makes the whole swf go full screen instead, which is not what I am after. This  stops the video from hanging around like some kind of bad genie but is of no use.


      Can anyone please help with this?


      I an using Flash CS6 on MacOS 10.6.8. At the college where I teach they would have the latest OS and I still have the problem there.




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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          First note the last post in this thread stating CS6 is not compatible with 10.8 Mountain Lion:



          This may or may not be related.  Do you have an example to verify if it's also a problem on Windows? If Windows does not exhibit the same behavior then it very well may be a Flash Player or CS6 incompatibility.


          What are you setting the stages display mode to when you run the SWF or projector? Is it fullscreen by default?

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            riverWall86 Level 1

            Hi Sinious,


            Interesting to know about 10.8 and Flash. I'll hold off upgrading until they work together. Currently using 10.6.8 at home and same on the Universtity's computers.


            Haven't verified on Windows but shall do later in the week if I can get access to a Windows machine.


            Both the Flash player and the Projector come up not full screen, and if I leave it that way then things work OK as long as I don't make the video full screen (using the full screen button on the skin).


            However if I make the swf or projector full-screen (by using CMD-F or the menu option) then when I click on the menu item to take me to the page with the video on it, instead of a page with a smallish video and back button I get a black screen with no obvious controls. If I then press Escape I get my normal screen back and I am in the page that should have the video but there is not video and the back button does not work. So something wierd is going on here.


            If I make a file without any videos with a similar navigation structure everyting works ok except that when I go full screen I lose the finger cursor when I roll over my buttons (which is also wierd).

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              What are you setting your stage scaleMode and align to? if you dont set them then the stage may be growing in a way you didnt expect, pushing controls off screen.


              If you make a simple sample project that fails in the way you describe I will test it on Windows and let you know if its reproduced.