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    Program viewer problem


      Hi, I'm using a trial version of premiere pro, and the Program viewer picture is permanently zoomed in, so most of the picture is off screen, it is as if the viewer is set to crop the picture.  If I click on the picture and drag it moves around and I can alter it's dimensions using a lasso that appears. But I have to do this every time I playback which is immensely frustrating.  Also the motion is slowed how do I adjust these functions.  I've tried edit - reset current settings- and it worked first time but not since.

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          There should be a dropdown button to set the size of the program viewer. Or right-click (ctrl-click on Mac, i think)  inside the picture, goto zoom and choose your setting...

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            acmDavidson Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the response.  There is a drop down box but when it is set to FIT the image is still zoomed in, th.is not the case in the source image  In the source panel when i click an drag the image nothing happens, however, when i click and drag in the program monitor the image shifts around and there is a rectangular box around it that allows me  to adjust the size of the image.  However, I'm  having to adjust the image every time I play back.  I don't want ot do this I just want the image to be the same as that in the source monitor. It seems to me that there is a function that allows cropping of an image in the program monitor, this would explain how and why the image is moveable and that somehow this is defaulted as a setting, I don't know how as it was not like this originally.  Also the image quality is much worse in the program monitor.   Does anyone know what function alllows this to happen and where I can access it to reset it.  I have tried reset current settings which should in theory fix the problem but doesn't 

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              ccp-media Level 1

              Is the resolution setting of your sequence the same as your footage? Cause when your footage has higher resolution than your sequence, you´ll only see a part of it (eg. HD footage in a SD sequence).




              I just found out this:


              if in the clip ( in your sequence) the Keyframing is activated for motion or scaling, then you can move the footage inside the Program Monitor.


              Go to your sequence. Select the clip of your footage. Go to the Effects Window. There should be the watchclock symbol for keyframe Animation activated. Just deactivate it, and maybe click on the rounded arrow at the right side of the effect title.


              I use the german Version, but maybe this helps:


              PPCS6 Effect Window.jpg

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                acmDavidson Level 1

                Hi guys, thanks for all the responses, best wishes