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    Problem with LUT .cube File - Video turns black


      Hi there,


      I am working on a VFX Shot and I received a QT Mov, which I converted to a DPX Sequence and LTU .cube files.


      When I apply the utility effect: "Apply Color LUT" and select one of the .cube files the video turns black.


      Do I have to change specific settings in the colormanagement? (right now it is set to: 8bit & workspace:none)

      Do I have to change settings in the interpret footage? (embedded profile: none, preserve RGB not selected)


      Thank you very much for your help!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          What happens if you forego the fancy color management and just use the Quicktime as provided to you?


          The chances are extremely good that if the original file is a QT movie, you don't need that stuff. 


          One exception would be footage shot on an Arri Alexa and recorded as ProRes 4444.  Is that what you have?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            What are you trying to accomplish?


            Where did the LUT files come from, and what are you trying to accomplish with them?


            Why did you convert a QuickTime movie to a DPX sequence?

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              elworsto85 Level 1

              Hi guys,


              thanks for trying to solve the problem.


              I converted the QT to a DPX, because it was the source material for a XML File with time remapping and edits. The guys I am doing the shot for recommended converting the timeremapped footage to a DPX sequence.


              I want to use the LUT to get an idea of what the color corrected shot will look like in the end. It was filmed very flat and in order to have a good composite of roto work and added elements it is usefull for me to work with a preview of the grading.


              The LUT came from the same guys that provided the footage for the XML.


              I don't know with what camera they filmed. I'll find out.