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    Different background image (div) on each page of site complicated by template

    fourwhitesocks Level 1

      Hope I can explain this:  Below are specifics



      - Using Dreamweaver cs5.5

      - Making the pages from a template.

      - Each page will have a different backround image; but the image is contained in a div tag (div name is .mainbackground) which runs behind the main core of the site, the image is not in the <body>
      - The div .mainbackground is EDITABLE
      - I have already made a specific css class to assign to that div on each page so that the image is different on each page.
      - On the template page the div .mainbackground has no image class assigned to it (thus no background image)

      - Since that div is editable I can then go into each page and assign the desired image class to it - works great.  EXCEPT...... & here's my main question:


      -  In the code all of the other regions are contained IN that above mentioned div of .mainbackground SO that means that:


      - if I need to update the structure of the pages I will have to remove the Editable region that controls the background image which would be -  removing the .mainbackround editable region.  Then go back to my template, make changes and save everything - thus all the changes will carry through to my other pages.  This is good and bad because I would get all the structural changes but I would also loose all of the text specific to those pages.


      -Then when I'm finished I would have to go back and first add an editable region back to the .mainbackground class and then re-apply the background classes back to the .mainbackground to fix the images on the pages again...


      The site is very small site so I can deal with it but am I going about this all wrong?

      Is there some template feature I'm not getting?  I would like to keep using the template feature, and i do want a different pic on each page.....



      I have attached a picture showing one page so you can see the background image - which will be different on each page.screen shot for adobe forum.JPG