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    Calculating 3 fields to get a percentage


      Hi everyone,

      I'm new to the forum and to Acrobat. I have version 10.1.4 for the Mac and my OS is Mountain Lion 10.8.2

      I just have one question... I have a field named "TAX" and want it to add up and calculate the tax at 7.25% for 3 other fields, namely "COVERAGEPRICE", "TRAVEL" and "ADDITIONALSERVICES", total it all up behind the sense and give me the tax figure. I believe it probably needs to be done in the "Simplified field notation, but I have no clue how to do it. I know how to do it fo one field, i.e. "COVERAGEPRICE*.0725" but not all three.


      Your help would be most appreciated.


      Many thanks,