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    Imported PDF is treated as Figure rather than Story




      I am importing a PDF into an InDesign document. That PDF is text. I've tagged the InDesign document, and in the frames where I imported the PDF pages, I tagged them as a story. However, when I export the InDesign doc to a PDF and run the accessibility checker, it shows that it is treating the PDF as a figure rather than a story with text, and it says I need to associate  alt-text with it.. In fact, if I look at the tags that were output by InDesign, it shows the imported PDF frames are treated as figures.


      Why is this. The imported PDF is text - I do not want it treated as a figure. I cannot just put straight text into InDesign to replace these PDFs - they are auditor reports and need to be what the auditor gave us. So I need to be able to have it treated as text when outputting to a PDF. We did this last year by tagging the frames as a story, but since we've upgraded to CS6, it seems they are being tagged as figures even though we tag them as stories.


      Any help is appreciated.