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    How to use grep style to bold specific characters within a name?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am using InDesign CS6. The name of our company is Careington. We need to Bold the Care in Careington. I was doing this manually before I learned about grep styles. So, I created a bold character style, then I created a grep style with the following:


      Apply Style: Bold

      To Text: Car[eington] / not mistyped.


      I tried Care[ington], but it only did this Careington, so I had to type Car[eington] to get this Careington. I still do not understand why this happens.


      Now this works Car[eington], but for some reason, everytime care is in by itself or used anywhere (i.e. Health care, care, etc.) it is bold as well. Not when it is Careington.


      Any ideas on how I can work this formula to be more specific and only bold the Care when it is with "ington?"


      Thanks, Mike