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    calculate withholding using percentage and amount


      i have a dynamic form with three decimal fields:


      grossamount (grossamount)

      withholding percentage (fwpercent)

      withholding amount (fwamount)


      i have the following scripts:



      form1.#subform[0].fwpercent::calculate - (FormCalc, client)




      form1.#subform[0].fwamount::calculate - (FormCalc, client)



      I want to be able to change either the amount and/or the percent and have it calculate the other as shown in the scripts. If I open the form and plug in 100 for gross amount, then 10 for percent, the script works correctly and 10 is then shown in w/h amount. If I then go to the fw amount field and change it to 20, the percentage field still shows 10. the results are the same if I do amount first, it will then change the percentage value but won't update amount if I then update percentage. It only will work for whatever I do first. Can I get the fields to always be dependent on eachother every time one of them is changed?

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          gamerg57 Level 1

          changed to the scripts below and it works as expected:



          form1.PaymentInfo.FederalWithholdingPercentage::exit - (JavaScript, client)




          form1.PaymentInfo.FederalWithholding::exit - (JavaScript, client)