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    Auto-collapse TOC in RH7

      I'm working with RoboHelp7. I'd like my users to be able to use the TOC as a navigation tool. But what happens is when a user opens a topic, the topic expands and stays expanded. So once a user has opened a few topics or clicked several links, the TOC becomes this giant monster list of expanded topics -- and thus the value of the TOC as a navigational tool is lost. When I tested this with my user group, I discovered that users don't want to scroll through a long list of topics to find their next item of interest.

      Any ideas?
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          This is what I did to get this result:

          Go to the Single Source Layouts Pod,
          Double click on the MIcrosoft HTML Help icon,
          Click on the Edit butotn in th e Advanced Options section,
          Click on the TOC Styles tab,
          Place a check in the Single Click to Open Books.

          Hope this helps.
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            DC92 Level 1
            Yes, you are right. That works in Microsoft HTML Help output, but I need to create output in Webhelp format.
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              MergeThis Level 4
              Here's our solution, where we're using plus and minus icons instead of open and closed books (bookicon, collapse_tbar.gif, and index.htm are my names, so use your own):

              In the Skin Editor, Toolbar tab, Add an Item
              In Text tab -
              Item Name: bookicon
              Image Options: Custom: collapse_tbar.gif (both Selected and Unselected)
              In Action tab -
              Action: JavaScript: OnClick: parent.location='index.htm' (the project Start Page)

              In the WebHelp Navigation (Window 2) Toolbar Buttons panel select the 'bookicon' option and move it all the way to the top, which will place it before the Contents button.

              You'll probably have to experiment with sizing and spacing issues for your icon image (such as adding 20-or-so blank pixels to the right of it, etc.).

              Good luck,