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    "File Import Failure Unsupported format or damaged file" in CS6 but fine in CS5.5

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      Hello All.


      Recording in Pal DV AVI from Sony Z5U with MRC1K compact flash recorder.

      Imported files to computer using the Sony utility, and also tried dragging and dropping.

      Some files import to Premiere Pro CS6.03, but others give "File Import Failure: Unsupported format or damaged file,".

      The files that do import show up as 4:3 and I have to modify /  interpret footage to get them to show as 16:9,

      However, these same files play back just fine in Windows Media Player.

      Intriguingly these files import just fine to Premiere Pro CS5.5, and also show up correctly as 16:9.


      I can't figure out why some files import into CS6 and others don't....


      Anyone else seen this kind of behavior?


      (Normally I record in HDV and I've never had problems importing from MRC1K into Premiere, but the client specifically requested DV files for their ease of editing...)






      PS When I use the DV recoverer utility on these files they import just fine into CS6....