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    sip aplication

    DitoAu Community Member
      i want to know is flash lite 2.1 or 3.0 could be capable to do a sip aplication.
      and it is , well, how comunicate sip server whith user cell-phone. and the rtmp could works for streamming.

      thaks for advance for your responses
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          biskero Community Member

          FL does not have SIP APIs. In any case it has XMLSockets so you write your server side API to talk to a SIP stack for doing apps such as presence, IM and so on.

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            hupla Community Member

            1. Google Alchemy.

            2. C/C++ SIP SDK or Your own libraries of SIP written in C

            3. Convert them using Alchemy to SWF


            4. Flex/Flash use your SIP functions (which allow you solid 100% audio codec's + real presence)


            Concept: You can use Alchemy + Open C/C++ SDK == Flex web application release for VoIP platform (RTMP quality in SIP i am not happy yet)

            - please increase this Alchemy community for Flex, we can rock the world