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    Object > Crop Area > Make / Release


      Hi all.


      I was using Illustrator CS3.

      I need to make a rectangle fitted exactly to artboard.


      I was using Object > Crop Area > Make, and then Object > Crop Area > Release


      Now I am on Illustrator CS6 and this options are missing.


      How can I do the same on CS6?

      Best Regards.

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          Larry G. Schneider Mythic

          Use the artboard. In the Export dialog check the box at the lower left. You can also select among multiple artboards if you have them. To export jus a portion of the artwork, draw a box and go to Object>Artboards>Convert to Artboard and use the number of the new artboard for the export.


          Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 10.45.57 AM.png


          Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 10.49.19 AM.png

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            wildbyte9951 Newcomer

            Hi Larry.


            Thanks for reply, but this does allow me to do what I have been doing with my old CS3.


            I'll try to explain better...


            I am sending the archives to a cutting plotter and I need to make a rectange, just like the artborad (same size & same position).

            I had an Action to do that on CS3.


            I need the red rectangle, because I need to send it to the plotter in order to cut exactly a rectangle arround the illustration.

            For example, what I am looking for, is to create a rectangle like the red one,


            Thank You.

            Best Regards.

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              Larry G. Schneider Mythic

              Did you try what I told you? This is the replacement for the Crop Area from CS3. Are you working on an artboard which is the exact size you need for saving or do you need to crop the artboard area tighter? What format are you saving to?

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                wildbyte9951 Newcomer

                I tried what you told me, but it crops just around my artwork, reducing the artboard.

                As you say, I am working on an artboard wich is the exact size that I need for saving (to .EPS).

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                  Larry G. Schneider Mythic

                  What happens when you just Save the file as an EPS. It will automatically use the artboard.

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                    wildbyte9951 Newcomer

                    Sorry I do not understand your last reply.


                    Forget crop or artboard changes.


                    I rewrite my question with other words:


                    I would like to have an action for automate the the following tasks:


                    - Create a rectangle path (easy)

                    - Scale the rectangle to exact width an heigh of the artboard... how???

                    - Center the rectangle on the artboard (easy)


                    Best Regards.

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                      wildbyte9951 Newcomer


                      I respond to myself.

                      I find this javascript, that does exactly what I need.

                      #target Illustrator
                      //  script.name = fitObjectToArtboardBounds.jsx;
                      //  script.description = resizes selected object to fit exactly to Active Artboard Bounds;
                      //  script.required = select ONE object before running; CS4 & CS5 Only.
                      //  script.parent = carlos canto // 01/25/12;
                      //  script.elegant = false;
                      var idoc = app.activeDocument;
                      selec = idoc.selection;
                      if (selec.length==1)
                                          // get document bounds
                                          var docw = idoc.width;
                                          var doch = idoc.height;
                                          var activeAB = idoc.artboards[idoc.artboards.getActiveArtboardIndex()]; // get active AB
                                          docLeft = activeAB.artboardRect[0];
                                          docTop = activeAB.artboardRect[1]; 
                                          // get selection bounds
                                          var sel = idoc.selection[0];
                                          var selVB = sel.visibleBounds;
                                          var selVw = selVB[2]-selVB[0];
                                          var selVh = selVB[1]-selVB[3];
                                          var selGB = sel.geometricBounds;
                                          var selGw = selGB[2]-selGB[0];
                                          var selGh = selGB[1]-selGB[3];
                                          // get the difference between Visible & Geometric Bounds
                                          var deltaX = selVw-selGw;
                                          var deltaY = selVh-selGh;
                                          sel.width = docw-deltaX; // width is Geometric width, so we need to make it smaller...to accomodate the visible portion.
                                          sel.height = doch-deltaY;
                                          sel.top = docTop; // Top is actually Visible top
                                          sel.left = docLeft; // dito for Left
                                          alert("select ONE object before running");

                      Thank for you help.

                      Best regards.