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    Need help with a mirror image effect

    mc_mark Level 1

      For most of our product photos, I create a copy of the image, flip it vertically, fade it out, and then move it down to create a mirror image effect. Simple enough. But this one I'm having a problem. The product has 4 legs, and from this view, the back 2 legs are shorter. When I do my normal steps that I listed, I get similar to what you see below. I know all about drawing a marquee around part of the reflection, hitting Ctrl+T and then holding down Ctrl+Shift to skew just what's in the marquee. I've done this technique a lot, but it does not work for this particular image. What do I have to do to get the reflection of the back legs to line up with the actual back legs in the image? Thanks.


      Back sample.jpg

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You could use a brush and paint the 2 legs in.  Or you could cut and paste a section of the shadow and then erase the unwanted area.

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            emil emil Level 4

            Well, Photoshop is not a 3D rendering program and you can only fake it by painting or assembling the reflection using your artistic skills and knowledge of perspective and reflections. From certain angles and with certain objects this could be quite easily done by just mirroring the 2D image but in other cases like  this it wont' work. I made a quick scene in a 3D program to show you how the refection will actually be in real life - you will see the bottom of the table in the reflection and this is missing from the 2D image. You can assemble and position separately parts of the reflection from the 2D image by using the front sides of the table and and legs but the rest (bottom) of table has to be created from scratch.