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    LNG file changes not taking effect?


      I have a Robohelp HTML project that is being translated to Spanish. All is well except for one thing. When I view the compiled help file, the Contents and Search tabs are still in English, as well as the Back, Forward, Home, Print, etc. buttons at the top. Here is what I did to attempt to change these to Spanish:


      1) Went to File | Project Settings and changed the Language dropdown to Spanish. When I click the Advanced button beside the dropdown, and click on the LNG file tab, everything is in Spanish, so I thought I was good to go. I recompliled (using the HTML Help layout), but they are still showing in English in the compiled CHM file.


      2) I tried editing the LNG file in a text editor. There are 3 copies of the LNG file, so I edited all three just to be safe, but still no luck. (One is in the main help project directory, and the other two are under the !Language! directory.)


      So where is my project getting the English version of these words, if not from these LNG files? Thanks in advance!