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    Want to use PPRo to transcode into ProRes...


      Hi All


      I received a folder full of .MTS video files for a project. I have PPro 5.0 on my teaching laptop, but use FCPX as my main editing platform on a MacPro. Without a file structure FCPX won't import the files, while PPro does. I have a seq with a test MTS file placed, go to export and find ProRes under Quicktime, but it only allows me to export as 720 x 480 not the original 1080p size. I have searched around about this without luck... perhaps a kind soul here has a method?


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      (OSX 10.8.2)

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Adobe Media Encoder may be the better tool for batch conversions.  Give that a go.

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            Glitchdog Level 1

            If the option were there I would first go back to the original recorded media, with all the file structure and ingest directly into FCPX. Otherwise I have found that if I export to Media Encoder even after I select the ProRes option I have to manually change the resolution. ME seems to default to SD rez for me anyway.


            In my previous system (5.5, but now in 6) I had created presets in ME for output to ProRes. I've not gotten around to creating them yet on our new/clean MacPro. There's a blog article on Adobe's site. You'd have to google it. "ProRes workflow in Premiere". I think that's how I found it. Sorry, I've lost that link since I updated the computer.


            If this happens very often you could always purchase Prelude and use it to convert to ProRes.

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              JJHP3 Level 1

              I don't know about you, but sometimes as soon as I ask someone where my car keys got to, I find them right away. Same with this question. If I had just scrolled down the export window farther there is the setting window and from there PPr took me to ME which output the desired size and codec.


              Thanks for your helpful replies!