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    CQ mapping and apache configuration for multidomain

    CQ5User Level 1

      I want advise on best approach for implementing the URLs mapping for multidomain site in CQ5.5


      Here is the case:

      I have around 600 websites that has to be maintained in CQ. It is fine. Now i have to maintain 600 domains for each site.

      Apart from CQ, I have other ATG server that maintains other data/services. We have to use single domain for serving CQ as well as ATG.

      We are planning to add a identifier in URL for distinguishing between CQ and ATG url (content/website/en/cq/homepage.html ), but it seems it is not seo friendly. Is this is the right approach to control url redirection ?

      What is the best way to store the domain mappign for all the site- sling mapping or at apache layer?


      Please advice on CQ mapping and apache configuration.