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    CS6 Bridge freezing constantly


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. I have 30gb left on SSD (programs on) with 2 other HDDS. What to look at?

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          Jeff A Wright Legend

          Moving this discussion to the Bridge General Discussion forum.

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            Omke Oudeman Rockstar

            Could you start providing more details?


            What system, version etc. What exact version of Bridge (about bridge) and what do you mean with 30 GB left on SSD? free space left? and how big is your SSD (for HDD the general rule is at least 10% procent free space, don't know if this also applies to SSD)


            Where is your cache stored on and what are you trying to look at in Bridge that makes it freeze.


            Does it freeze on start up or can you use it first before it starts given problems?

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              Pixel_it Newcomer

              I am on PC W7 with a 110gb SSD 16gb ram . After CS6 installed I have 29gb free. After the fresh install the cache is back on C:\  Clicking anywhere makes it go to not responding. eventually that will stop but the next click sets it off again. My Photos are stored on an additional drive. It does this regardless of which drive I choose.

              Life was fine until the drive I had for cache was c:/ and it was getting tight for space I purged the cache. So I originally attributed the prob to that and thought it needed to rebuild but even on small folders it would not happen. So uninstall CS6 and reinstall and it seems a lot of info remains after an uninstall?

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                Curt Y Ninja

                Do you have the temp on drive C?  If not this is a known crash problem.  You have little to spare on the SSD. 


                Where is your cache?  Where is the photoshop scratch file?  If on an external are you using a SATAII or a USB3?  A USB may be too slow.


                A re-install in most cases does nothing.  You are better off resetting the preferences if you want first aid.

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                  Pixel_it Newcomer

                  Scratch drives on 2 internal hdds. I do have a temp file on the c:\ drive

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                    Curt Y Ninja

                    After freezing does it recover with out having to end program?  CS6 Bridge for me seems to freeze when you are caching files, but OK after the spinning arrow stops.  Can also see a freeze sometimes for about 20 seconds if you click on icon after it has been mimimized.

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                      Pixel_it Newcomer

                      It recovers after minutes, but as soon as you go to select a menu item off it goes again. Are there other caches or places I should delete and then do another install? Stuff obviously gets left behind because it opened with the same path at the top. Weird.

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                        Curt Y Ninja

                        Do you have a check mark for "export cache to folders"?  If not then you just have the cache location specified on that page.


                        Did Bridge ever work before?  If so what have you changed?


                        Do you have page file on C drive?  You have 16 g of RAM so not sure how much you need.


                        Bridge is a processor intensive program and ram is less important.  Since you can not even make a change in a menu perhaps this is a problem.  In PS do you have at least 2 gigs allocated to the computer?


                        What are you trying to acomplish with a re-install?  It does not change the preference file and frequently that is where errors lie.  Hold down Ctrl key and start Bridge you will get a reset window with 3 options.

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                          Curt Y Ninja

                          If in one folder, the spinning wheel has stopped indicating cache is built, and you make some action within that folder, does it work correctly?

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                            Run Bridge as an Administrator

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                              Pixel_it Newcomer

                              I am always logged in as administrator. I ran updates and it is a bit better but it will still go to the pale screen, not responding before it will come good, and that is just a parent file not hundreds of images. Two minutes to get into an image folder which is a long time watching the wheel! Photoshop runs perfect. Could someone give me the optimal settings in Bridge that might help the cache to rebuild? Ijust went to Edit in the toolbar menu and spun again. Grrrrr! Using Photo Mechanic at the moment to get by but it's not the long term answer. I like Bridge! I have been with Photoshop for years.  I'm sure it's operator error somewhere.

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                                Curt Y Ninja

                                Do you have layered Tiffs?  If so there is a known problem that Bridge will continually recache them unless setting changed.


                                You have to get all the cache built, but once built it should be OK.  Do you have layered Tiffs?  If so there is a known problem that Bridge will continually recache them unless setting changed.


                                How many files do you have in a folder?  Not sure there is any magic number, but I try to keep it around 1000 jpeg.  Larger images I have fewer.


                                Embedded thumbnails are the smallest and so fastest to build.  If you have the sliders set low and you exceed the allotted number it will erase the oldest files.


                                ONce you get your folders set the easy way to index everything is start at at the first folder and do a search with "include all non-indexed files".  This may take awhile so set going when you are not going to be using computer for awhile.


                                ** You said you have cache drive on 2 internals.  I hope that is a misprint as not sure how it can be split up.  The scratch drive should also have about 10-20% free space and on one drive. 

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                                  Pixel_it Newcomer

                                  Tick -I have embedded selected. I dont keep layered files, maybe the odd one, but they are all psds. The cache on 2 directories is for photoshop. Bridge just has the C drive folder which has 389mb in it atm.

                                  It all went haywire when concerned about my lack of space on C: drive I purged my cache. I thought I would have it use a different disk but when trouble happened I went back to using C: drive.

                                  How do I get it to index files? Is the search from within Bridge? Thank you for your assistance Curt, it is appreciated.

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                                    Curt Y Ninja

                                    When in BRidge press Crtl F to bring up the search box.  But if you have a folder fully indexed and it still freezes then this is not the problem.


                                    One thing I am concerned with is your installation.  Looks like you changed C drive.  What did you do with the programs?  Just copy them over?  If you have files misplaced it could cause problems.  You might consider uninstalling, running the Adobe Script cleaner and reinstalling.  The script cleaner gets rid of pieces missed by the uninstaller.

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                                      Pixel_it Newcomer

                                      OK still stalls after uninstall, running Script Cleaner and reinstall. After opening I went to choose embedded previews and it stalled on the first touch. That's before it even knew where the data was.      Think I will have to reformat the C:\ . Ive defragged and no issues. Photoshop runs without a hitch.

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                                        Pixel_it Newcomer

                                        Actually just seen screen say the Ph'shop update did not do successfully Err U44M1I210 ????????????? Will try that again. All is now done but still an issue .

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                                          Pixel_it Newcomer

                                          Does this mean anything to anyone? It's the error details that come up.

                                          Problem signature:

                                            Problem Event Name:    AppHangB1

                                            Application Name:    Bridge.exe

                                            Application Version:

                                            Application Timestamp:    505aad8f

                                            Hang Signature:    ab63

                                            Hang Type:    524288

                                            OS Version:    6.1.7601.

                                            Locale ID:    4105

                                            Additional Hang Signature 1:    ab63d8291c377309f1379b358fd54c5a

                                            Additional Hang Signature 2:    6b82

                                            Additional Hang Signature 3:    6b82865ca1466d8eebc2d815eee5a5f8

                                            Additional Hang Signature 4:    ab63

                                            Additional Hang Signature 5:    ab63d8291c377309f1379b358fd54c5a

                                            Additional Hang Signature 6:    6b82

                                            Additional Hang Signature 7:    6b82865ca1466d8eebc2d815eee5a5f8

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                                            Curt Y Ninja

                                            You can google that error and will find a number of hits.  Unforturnately there are many  different interpretations.


                                            If reading this thread correctly your problems all emerged with the installation of the SSD drive.  If so somehow the installation is faulty.


                                            Can you bring up the Event Log (see OS Help).  There look for errors.  On the left side expand applications and see if you can find errors in Bridge.  What you want is Faullting Module.  That is where the problem lies.

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                                              i had the same problem, bridge cs6 x64 was freezing constantly, now i'm now runing my cs6 bridge ( x64) on my win8 in Vista SP2 compatibility mode and works fine