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    Clip im importing is too big in program window, and too big in exported media


      Hi all, would appreciate any help from you guys im going round the bend- im on a friends machine and trying out PP5 for the first time.    


      I have a clip im trying to export with two other clips in the same sequence. The clip is a .mov file, 1920 x 1080.


      When i right click on the two other clips (Mpegs, 320 x 240) and hit scale to frame, everything goes fine for them in the export and they fit the program window too perfectly. But for some reason when I do it with the above clip, there's lots missing around the edges. I'm even setting the project up to have 1920:1080 (16:9) before I start.


      Also, when I import the offending clip into the source window it automatically sets it to 50% and it is viewable perfectly at 50% ( if I change the source window to 100% I can not see the whole frame in the source window). But at 50% in the program window, it is still cutting off huge amounts aroudn the edges.

      Can someone please help and suggest some remedy for this? This is driving me demented. Cheers