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    Multi-Camera window preview/cameras become choppy in CS6(v6.03)


      I have been using CS5 for several years and have no issues with using the multi-camera feature to cut together footage from 4 cameras.  I moved to CS6 recently and I get choppy video play in the preview (sound is fine) after about 30 seconds of playing in the multi camera window.  The playback is fine in the timeline and in the source window.  The problem seems to be only in the multi-camera window.  I did some playing around and discovered that:

      1 - I experience no trouble with the exact same clips in  CS5.03 on the same machine  (I had to get the project done so I moved back to the previous version)

      2 - If I set up 3 out of the 4 cameras in CS6 the playback is fine.  Its only when I add the 4th camera that I have problems.  I also tested using 4 clips of less than a minute and still had trouble.


      So my question - is this a bug in CS6 or something with my system.  If it is my system any suggestions for how to fix?


      Here's some specs:


      Video source files are all AVCHD format

      1 &2 are from two Panasonic AG-HMC40's  The clips are spanned 720/60p.  The file is a .mts file

      3 & 4 are from two panasonic HC-V500M  The clip is a single clip shot in HG1920.  the file is a .mts file


      The computer is an HP Pavilion HPE H8-1380T, running windows 7/64 bit with 10gb of ram and duel 3.60 ghz  processors

      the clips are on a external 1  tera  g-raid connected via e-sata, scratch disks and media are set to the same drive (though I tried changing to one of my internal drives with no difference)


      Sequence is set to DVCPROHD 720p60


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.