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    Migrate PSE 7 to PSE 11


      I have old compute with PSE 7  I have new computer with PSE 11  I want to migrate photos to PSE 11.  Tech support told me to backup PSE 7   Then

      restore to PSE 11 using New Computer and Restore Original Folder Structure options in restore.  My PSE 7 catagories did NOT migrate to PSE 11 

      Would appreciate help.

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          us016528 Level 1

          I am incorret.  Keyword tags were migrated  HOWEVER, I find PSE 11 very cumbersome to use  Getting to Keyword tags is accessible on the media tab in lower right corner.  However when displayed people do not show up in list  In order to view these tags you must select any keyword tag to display then the people tags are available at top of displayed photos   Very strange navigation.....I like PSE 7 much better!!!!

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            andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee



            You can check the 'People' view for all your people who've been tagged by you using People Recognition in PSE7.

            Also, you can collapse the keyword tags hierarchies to view People Tags in right panel in 'Media' view just in case the people tag hierarchy is too long.