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    About accelerated effects

    U ch



      How to make PPro 5.5 plug-ins for accelerated effects?


      I have making Plug-in. but Plug-In will not be displayed the accelerated effects mark.


      How Do you make a plug-in with the accelerated effects?

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          At this time, the SDK does not support building effects that are marked as accelerated.  You can certainly optimize your own effects, and many effects may be able to be processed in real-time depending on the resolution and framerate, but you cannot turn on this effects badge on your side.





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            U ch Level 1

            Thank you for having you replay.


            Are you able to create a plug-in by using the CUDA?

            Is the SDK(CS5.5)  support the "CUDA"?


            If we can develop a plug-in by using the CUDA, please tell me how to compile and development environment.


            U ch.

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              SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

              The next version of PPro, now being previewed, features a new SDK for third party accelerated effects. This will be made public at time of release.