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    arrrghhh saved over the top - autorecovery??

    getho Level 2

      Something I've not done for YEARS! But had an action that creats a duplicate file which was spitting the dummy on saving - so had to stop creating a dupe, and then forgot that I'd done that.  So I've just saved a low res flat version over the top of my high res layered work file.  Theres an several hours rectouching there I'd rather not do.  Now theres no autorecovery file in the usual location:

      my question is is it possible the autorecovery file is still there on the disk and could be recovered?  Any other suggestions?

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          Please tell me you still have Photoshop with the recently saved file 'Open' with no further changes made. If that is the case, a simple 'Undo' will work!


          If not, I doubt there is a way.


          AFAIK, Autorecovery is recreated and reset everytime you manually 'save' the file.


          Well, unless you had a Time Machine drive or some similar real-time backup enabled, I don't think there is a possibility to recover.


          There are disk recovery tools that recover data for you - as when you save over a file you don't delete old data - you're just creating incremental data to your file partition. But, this is a 50:50 probability. Depends on what activity your disk has gone through since the last save and lot of other aspects.


          Sorry, tough luck.